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About Us

Having the experience of a specialized builder is crucial when it comes to building something as complicated as an acoustic environment. around the country helping producers, composers, record labels, etc. in need of acoustic consultation, design, and construction of facilities, ranging from high-end residential acoustic projects to larger commercial production facilities.

Our specialized architects, engineers, sub-contractors, acoustic and audio manufacturers continue to propel us to dive deeper into satisfying the need that exists for our clients. Be it, recording studios, home theaters, or performance venues, we continue to develop direction and solutions for the audio industry.

We specialize in the following sector -

  • Dubbing Room Sound Proofing
  • Recording Room Sound Proofing
  • Project/ Residential Studio
  • Commercial Recording Rooms
  • Acoustic Testing and Results

What We Do

Acoustics Services

You don’t know where to start? We do, and consultations set in motion the initial steps in the program, thereby saving everyone’s time and money.


Our experience is derived from years of using CAD (computer-aided design) and virtual 3D modeling software while collaborating with several architects and engineers to improve the quality of design, documentation, and overall communication.


Being licensed as a general contractor and specializing in recording studios has given us experience on all levels of a build, from home studios to large recording complexes, performance rooms. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured as general contractors pan India. When working in other states and countries, we collaborate with local licensed professionals and contractors in your region.


We work with your contractors to ensure building plans are executed to the exact specifications unique to soundproof construction.


Floor, wall, ceiling designs, acoustic doors, windows, quiet air-conditioning systems, and acoustic treatment are critical in designing and building studios. Accurate designs implemented with specialized construction techniques are precursors to success.


A well-constructed room will still need to be tuned. Custom-made, clouds, traps, diffusers, and wideband absorbers make a room sound great.

Our Clients

Clients Testimonials


Myth group has been very supportive since we started working with them. They understand the objectives of our business and offer innovative & creative solutions as they know the acoustic world in and out. I am quite satisfied and happy with the amazing team and customer support.

Alok Barua
Radio City - Mumbai

Myth Group has had a snowball effect on our business with their commitment to work. We would certainly continue our partnership and recommend them for business any day. The quality of instruments and designing solutions they offer are beyond perfection.

Raja Pandey
Red FM - Studio and instruments, soundproofing work